Love Is Love

The letters LGBTQIA refer to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning, intersex, and asexual or allied, In our society, people who are part of the community LGBTQIA+ are more likely to experience intolerance, discrimination, harassment and the threat of violence due to their sexual orientation than those who identify themselves as heterosexual. This is due to homophobia, which is (the fear or hatred of homosexuality). And we think that every individual is entitled to all the rights and freedom. Why do these people need to pretend for everything? Why society gets offended to accept such relationships? We all are humans, and we humans should be considered as human.

Us Against Abuse

In India, we all know how hard it is to fight back in between the loved ones, where a single step can destroy lives of people around you, but the one thing we all have to keep in our mind is that, there is no excuse for abuse, it can be of any form, whether mental, physical, or emotional, by the loved ones or by a total stranger, i have personally seen so many abusive incidents and also have lived few of them, it is a matter of time that i realized that we all have to unite together and fight against the abuse!

Abuse can destroy ones ability to live the life and can led to depression,and for a victim in can be cause of a lifetime illness, and that is something we all have to fight back together!

Beyond The Red Lights

Prostitution is something where a body is exchange sex for money. But, some does for their interest, and some do for their financial crisis. This is the foremost responsibility of humankind that we need to respect everyone. We will make sure that you can carry a positive figure in society. Nobody wants to sell their body and nobody wants to deal with people who disrespect them.

We as a team, want to start a change and want to tell you the real stories and of the lives of the sex workers and try to make them a part of our society.

For the women who are into prostitution and they are still struggling to get the respect they deserve every single day.

The Hidden Gems

The hidden gems is an initiative by the team of the slutty savitri to get the extremely talented and amazing artists a platform to showcase their talent, no matter what it is, if you write, paint, photograph, dance or mimic, you are special, you have a talent, which the world needs to recognize, if you are dedicated to your art form, and want yourself to grow, and want to be heard and seen, get in touch with us!

Currently we are interviewing some of the artists for our initial blogs and articles, but you never know what life holds for you, just send us the submission with a photograph and some sample work, and instagram or facebook page link, and we will be back to you in some time!

Hidden Gems is a platform that is dedicated to every individual who has the talent but doesn't know how to get it in the limelight, let us work for you!


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