Is Feminism the need of the hour? Rape, domestic violence, female infanticide and dowry are the major issues which women are facing in our society. And so, the woman-card is always sympathized as the victim-card in our country. For fighting against issues related to women, “Feminism” came into the picture. Feminism started as a movement for the women of our country to change the perspective to look at a particular gender.

Why Justice isn’t heading towards equality?

Isn’t Feminism taking a wrong turn today? Justice is the right of every individual regardless of the gender. Are we completely ignoring males when it comes to laws against injustice? Or, is it that men in our country don’t have any issues and the females are becoming victims in every case.

It might be socially and politically incorrect to write about this topic when our country is highly concerned about the crime against the woman. Sadly, sometimes we end up abusing our men with the very laws that are made for the protection of women. 

Another bizarre opposition to feminism is people saying “Why you do speak only about women?” There are numerous women who are falsely accusing men for rape charges. The Supreme Court amended the laws for rapists after the infamous Nirbhaya case. Rape victims saw a ray of hope and took their case to the court. But does this give the freedom to women to tag consensual sex as “rape” when their relationship fails? A whopping 53% of cases filed in 2014 were a complete sham. But, this injustice to men doesn’t end here.

And what about married men in India?

Rakesh (name changed) and his wife Sugandha didn’t have a successful marriage. So, they were going through divorce. Sugandha was having an extramarital affair. His family figured this out and had certain discussions that ended up to the option of divorce. Rakesh kept both the options open for her. He was ready to forget everything and start their new life, or they could move out of this marriage amicably. Sugandha chose to dissolve the marriage and they registered for divorce.

Everything was fine until this point but, after this, all hell broke loose. She was the one who was the wrong-doer in the marriage. She not only filed for divorce, but also accused the family for dowry and domestic violence. She misused the laws of section 498 A and demanded a hefty amount in return. Just because she is a woman, does it give her all the rights and power to ruin a family and a man?

Feminism, taking a wrong turn?

Thousands of men are victimized by such accusations every day. And when they file a case against women, they return empty-handed as our constitution has no law in their favour. Sayed Al Makhdoom, one such victim, committed suicide in 2009 as he wasn’t able to prove himself innocent. His daughter-in-law accused him for dowry and separated his beloved son from his family. Sayed Al Makhdoom committed suicide in the grief of his separation.

We have a commission for children for women and even for animals. But, we don’t have many laws that address male abuse. The real melancholy for men lies in the report which says that twice the number of married men commit suicide than women.

Feminism, an idea to change!

Feminism is an idea to change our way to see a particular gender. It talks about equality and not about women being superior. A woman deserves an equal status and freedom in our society, but not at the cost of demeaning the other gender.