Breathe out sin, to Breathe in, Life!

A disequilibrium and an indecisive mind does no good to the emotional, mental and financial health of a person.

Chasing away from reality leaves a person in a burnt hole of devastation and regret. A very easy escape from our problems, substances in today’s world has become a feasible and an easy go-to- place when you don’t feel like facing your problems and run away from them!

An illegal and overuse of alcohol, prescription medicine, and other illegal substances way too much or in a wrong way. A very deadly place though, an invasion into a fatal state of mind which is impossible to evade. It increases exponentially , where a patient starts finding comfort and is unable to see how miserable it makes their life!

The Ways to the door of hell

Substance abuse is mainly of two types but can now be classified further on the basis of increased consumption of these life-threatening substances. However, the main two categories are alcohol and drug use. Tobacco, Marijuana, cocaine, cigarettes, heroin, and prescribed medicines are other forms of harmful substances that excite and speeds up the whole body. Important to note that substance abuse of any form is very different from addiction and can be controlled.

Though on the other side, it can ruin relationships, your financial health and can totally turn down your thinking ability.

Disguised as heaven, don’t fall in the trap!

A dysequilibrium and an indecisive mind does no good to the emotional, mental and financial health of a person. These people paralyze themselves with overdoses of these harmful substances while they are still alive. It gives them a rush of good feelings at first but when it wears off, everything tends to slow down. It gives them chills, nausea, nervousness and slowly takes on them. WIth time, they isolate themselves from friends and family, start neglecting work,home, start consuming substances in secrecy and experience short-term memory loss. They also undergo physical changes like weight loss, difficulty in speaking and analysing, start neglecting hygiene and everything around them.

It is not an escape from the reality

Substance use starts at adolescence or early childhood out of curiosity or as a way to feel good. As the time passes, repeated use of the substance and levels of increased tolerance pave the way to destruction. Some adults or adolescents develop a habit of consumption due to depression,anxiety, or high stress levels.

They consume drugs or alcohol to cope with their symptoms. Family history of addiction,sleep problems, chronic pain , financial difficulties, loss of a loved one, lack of parental attachment and relationship issues can be some of the reasons which lead to a destroyed self!

Choose to Refuse!

Substance abuse is one such consumption activity which can surprisingly be controlled through various ways. Early-intervention methods involve strengthening the parental bonds so that they can prevent consumption of substances at an early age.

Parents play a very important role by defining standards of behaviour and achievement .Prevention works best when multiple risks and various factors are given attention to. Peer and adult mentoring and leadership programs can guide them and mobilize a powerful prevention form. When various communities and people come together to beat the wrong, a change can be seen in the society!

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