Drugs, Darkness and Descendants!

Drugs in india
They develop this habit of consumption due to depression, anxiety, peer pressure or high-stress level.

According to a survey, one in every fifth child in India is a drug addict! There can be nothing more depressing than realizing that 20 percent of the children of our society under 21 are in control of something hideous to their lives. At an age where they should indulge in fun-activities and explore the world, build friendship, and have the innocent charm of their childhood, they are sailing on a boat of hatred which leads them towards a pit of anxiety, depression and failing at giving themselves a second chance in their life!

The real reason behind it

The list of problems is overflooding with only a few people working hard towards solving it. From poverty to negligence,every bit of it harms them to the core. It often starts at adolescence under the influence of their peers. Over time, conscious and frequent use of the drugs paves a way through destruction. They develop this habit of consumption due to depression, anxiety, peer pressure or high-stress level. Moreover, when there are huge parental pressure and high expectations for academic grades and no appreciation or affection towards the child, drug consumption is an easy way to escape from everything going on.

Friend for some hours, Foe forever

Drug consumption imbalances the mind, body, and soul thereby affect the children mentally and emotionally. As the run away from what’s going on, the impact crates the problem in their lives deeper. Addiction becomes the main concern after the problem arises. They start getting addicted to the substance worsening the scenario. It creates a chaotic home life and breeds violence exponentially. Not only does it contributes to degraded mental health but also affects the child physically.
They have issues like weight loss, migraines, gastrointestinal problems etc. Moreover, it starts creating difficulties at their school due to their changed behavioral patterns, less sleep, broken friendships and the emerging fear of getting caught. It fuels emotional issues and increases their own risk of drug addiction.

Why are the numbers increasing everyday?

As we dug in deep into the increased rates of drug consumption, we find that easy availability and low price is one such factor which paves the easy path for the children. Hiding behind the slums are a pack of demons who manipulate the children under the poverty line for consuming as well as selling the drugs. Drug trafficking, on the other hand, is one whole multi-million business industry where the everyday lives of hundreds of children are sold.

Abandoning the addiction

There are various ways for the prevention of this hideous and fatal way of death even before the flower completely blooms. Several laws are made towards controlling the drug-business all over the country. There are various organizations like Bachpan Bachao Andolan which file petition towards the sight of any such heinous act.

Where as for children whose addiction comes to light, there are family therapies for drug addiction. Certain boundaries are broken and they are made to recover by affection and by decreasing the struggle of living with familiar people among the four walls. Concluding, it is not the child’s fault to fall in this vicious trap of addiction but no child must be left alone in their struggle with addiction

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