My Knight in a Shining Armour is Another Princess. Big Deal?

Love goes and grows beyond gender, and the sooner we realize it, the better.

I was just like those girls who grow up dreaming about their prince charming and wait for the one who will sweep them off their feet. Like every other girl in my school, my heart melted every time Shahrukh Khan said a romantic line on the big screen. Obviously, I was waiting to meet the love of my life. What I did not know, however, was that I will find love in another girl. Want to know more about me and my love? Read on.

You see, the problem with our society is that the moment they know about someone’s sexual preferences, they start judging and labelling that person. Typically, this is why most homosexuals prefer to stay in the closet. But this does not stop them from loving someone dearly. Love goes and grows beyond gender, and the sooner we realise it, the better.

I am a normal person, just like you.

First things first, before you start judging me or making fun of me and my feelings, I wish to say that I am just another normal person. Just like other people, the so-called ‘normal ones’, I have dreams and aspirations. I also love my family to the moon and back, and I would do anything to protect it. So, before you read my story, please leave the judgement behind.

I was born in a middle-class family and had a very normal childhood. Being a bright student, I never had to worry about my grades. I excelled at sports too, and represented my school in basketball. Eventually, I finished my graduation from Delhi University and went on to complete my Masters in mass communication. Currently, I work for a lifestyle magazine, live in Mumbai, and earn enough to fulfil my needs, and that of my family. Doesn’t it sound like a regular, trite story?

My life’s ups and downs

During puberty, I figured out that I was different from my other female friends. While they would spend endless hours about the new guy in their class, or drooled over John Abraham’s looks, I just couldn’t participate in their discussions. Yes, I am a die-hard romantic at heart, but I couldn’t find a boy who could fill the void of my heart. Honestly, I could never feel physically attracted towards any boy.

I told my best friend about my dilemma, and she joked that I might be “one of those kinds” and ridiculed me. I cannot tell you how badly it hurt me. Not the joke, but the fact that the girl who I considered to be my best friend was so insensitive towards my feelings!

I grew more confused and my grades dropped. My parents suspected that I might be having an affair with a guy at school. How ridiculous! Somehow, I completed my schooling and started looking for colleges in Delhi. This was a turning point in my life.

So, I came to Delhi and went to a very good college for my Bachelors course in English. It was here that I tasted independent life for the first time, and the adventures and risks that came with it. My room-mate was engaged to a man who, according to her, was very handsome. (She showed me his pictures, and I nodded in approval). It was at this moment that I noticed her carefully. She had the sweetest voice and the most beautiful eyes in the whole world.

Interestingly, that was the first time I could feel my heart miss a beat. Suddenly, I could understand how my school friends felt when they talked about the new guys in their class. Oh God! Was this love? I just wanted to let her know how I felt. But it was a really bad idea. The moment I tried to confess my feelings, she created a scene and broke all contact with me.

A new beginning

I realised that one cannot force love on to anyone. It would only happen if and when it is meant to. Sounds like a movie-dialogue, doesn’t it? I started reading about homosexuality and came to know that it is not a disease or an abnormality. Thereafter, I became a part of social media groups of like-minded people and that was a new phase of my life.

I started dating girls and came to know that there are many others like me. Thus, I was happy and relieved to know that searching for true love is not a crime. My search ended with my date number 3. She is a beautiful woman, 10 years elder to me. She brings so much peace and happiness to my life that I wonder how I survived before I met her. We share a lot of interests. Both of us love to go to the theatre, and we both are suckers for Chinese food. She is a divorcee and works as a bank manager.

She has been my biggest support during some really hard times professionally, and personally. I have learnt a lot from her. She lifts up my spirits when I hit rock bottom, and holds me firmly when I quiver. What more could I have asked for? I am the luckiest girl in the world.

What happens next?Well, we have moved in together and excited about how our relationship progresses. I have told my parents about her, and their disgust and anger seem to have settled down. They will meet her in a few months. Our friends know about us and it doesn’t bother them. I guess our future looks promising. We are hopeful that the society will accept us as a normal couple. What do you think?

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