Cannabis essentially slows down your brain functioning. In other words, it increases your reaction time in response to external events!

It makes my world more beautiful, and my life a little less bothersome”, says Aman. “It makes me happy and gives a purpose to my life”, he adds. Although these words seem to be deep, when you hear them from a 21-year old cannabis-addict, you should worry.

Thousands of young men and women in India are cannabis-addicts, just like Aman. Perhaps you would be amazed to that cannabis is banned in India, except for medical use. How addicted youth have access to it, is anybody’s guess.

What is cannabis?

Cannabis is a plant native to Asia and India, known for its psychoactive properties. In simpler terms, it fiddles with your brain. The active compound in cannabis is THC (delta-9 tetra-hydro-cannabinol, if you want to know). The plant has various names, including marijuana, ganja, and in popular culture, weed, hash, dope, or pot.

What does cannabis do to your body?

Cannabis essentially slows down your brain functioning. In other words, it increases your reaction time in response to external events. This means that the consumption of cannabis will slow down your brain. Most people describe these effects as ‘high’, ‘exciting’ and ‘kicking’, but we would rather believe that these are classic symptoms of someone who is slow in the head, literally.

Cannabis is highly addictive and capable of producing hallucinations. Thus, it has the power to snatch you from the real world and take you into an unknown realm of fantasy. Cannabis makes people happy in their mind but severely cuts them off from their family, friends and loved ones in reality. Would you want to be among such people? We hope not.

Medicinal use of cannabis

Medically, cannabis used for pain relief, epilepsy, asthma and for increasing appetite in clinical cases of cancer and AIDS. However, the dark side of cannabis finds more users, because of its perceived kick and addiction.

Easily available and immensely addictive

Because the plant grows freely in the Indian subcontinent, it is not difficult to have access to it. You just have to know how it looks! The government controls the cultivation and supply of cannabis, but rules are meant to be broken, is it not?

You wouldn’t have to make much effort to find a ganja supplier. Not only in big cities, but also in small towns, ganja is easily available. Suppliers may range from smugglers to small-time peddlers.

You might have noticed a weird smell at some corners of the street while walking by. It is like leaves being burnt, not even remotely resembling cigarette smoke. This is most likely from cannabis. You just have to stop and deeply inhale this smell on the street, and someone will approach you for a deal. It is THAT simple.

Once you smoke it, you will be instantly transported to a world of fantasy and feel like you are in La La Land. In reality, however, you are just stoned and completely useless during this time. What’s worse? It controls your mind and makes you an addict. You would come back to it again and again. It is like a vicious cycle that will only end with your death.

Cannabis is cheap, man!

Low cost is yet another reason for cannabis being so popular among Indian youth. While alcohol and other drugs pinch the pockets, weed is totally affordable. It lasts long because just a little bit is enough to give you a ‘high’, and there is absolutely no hangover. It is not surprising that weed is attracting Indian youth just like honey attracts ants.

Embrace Cannabis, Lose Life

Not only does cannabis screw up the brain function, but it also has deleterious effects on your hormonal balance. Thus, it can cause severe health issues. Also, it affects your professional life and personal relationships. Is life like this really worth living?

Drug de-addiction centres are the only way to get rid of this addiction. There is absolutely no shame in choosing life. If cannabis addiction has caught you in its web, try to contact a de-addiction centre.Let’s face it, India is facing an addiction crisis. Many of its bright minds are becoming slaves to marijuana and spoiling their life. While the punishment for consuming cannabis is a mere jail-term of six months or a fine of up to INR 10,000, there is much more at stake. Drug addiction is never cool, even if your friends tell you otherwise.

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