Sunil Rastogi – The Serial Pedophile

Sunil Rastogi , arrested by the Police for raping over more than 500 minor girls over . He claimed everytime he saw a young child, they would fascinate him and drive him on the path of sins.

Fun or sin?

“It was fun”, exclaimed a serial child rapist during interrogation to the police. “I like children, they are tasty!” A few common exclamations of a serial pedophile in our country. The comments are not scary enough as their actions. There claims to be a pedophile named Sunil Rastogi who was arrested by the Police for raping over more than 500 minor girls over a time period of 12 years. He claimed every time he saw a young child, they would fascinate him and drive him on the path of sins. His actions were louder and echoed in all the streets where he was settled with no escape from his deeds.

A story that shakes.

A 38- year-old tailor, Sunil Rastogi, short and wiry with not so sharp physique was questioned upon sexually assaulting three little girls. He said, what could come over him! He was arrested by the Delhi police for sexually assaulting over more than a hundred children over a time period of a decade. In front of Sharda Colony in Bilaspur, a two-room house, 70 km from Rampur, his wife 36-year-old, sat on a chair, is a tailor by profession. She lives with a tumor in her backbone which has caused her a deformity, forcing her to crawl and unable to earn a living. Neighbors who knew about each and every footstep watched in suspicion. The couple were married for more than 18 years and have five children When enquired with Bhavna, his wife she was upset and guilty about how she had been living with the knowledge of all his acts all these years. She claims to always know about his true nature. “Over the years, he had been caught at various places and beaten up, but the police would let him go.” She had told him many times about thinking of their own children before having the evil thoughts about other people’s kids but he never listened.

On the other hand, his children were neglected and his family could not afford to send them to school. He was finally caught and sent in jail in Rudrapur, Uttrakhand in 2016 for molesting a minor girl. For his bail, his family borrowed 50,000 rupees from a moneylender. His eldest son managed to get a job as an assistant tailor in Delhi at a mere pay of 4000 rupees. He sends 3000 to repay to the moneylender. Bhavna was worried because their children worked hard for their father, but he never showed gratitude. Her second child had started working as a beautician at the age of 16 in Rudrapur. But after Sunil’s arrest, they had to leave. She worked as a domestic servant as her 13-year old, 9 years old and an 8-year-old boy stood nearby.

The family had to vacate their house and moved to Sunil’s sister house, some distance nearby when the news about Sunil getting arrested in Delhi was announced. Sunil’s sister Husband is a plumber and he alone cannot stand the financial condition of the family, alone.

Molestation or mental condition? (Take off the Experts)

Mostly stated as a psychological disorder, there are people who are attracted towards minors and children only, similar to a Nithari case that happened before. These people are introvert and lack confidence. They feel less threatened and harmed by the young children and attack them. They have an immense lack of self-worth and confidence due to which, to satisfy their urge, guided by pervert impulses, they target children. In most of the cases, it has been studied that they themselves had been victims of sexual abuse in their childhood. “It is not necessary in all the cases but definitely their fantasies are related to young females”, says Dr. Mehta. According to the survey and the early profiles of a pedophile, National Center for Biotechnology Information which is part of United States National Library of Medicine (NLM) writes, “Pedophiles and child molesters share some characteristics. Most are male, and they can be heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual. Some prefer adult sex partners but choose children because they are available and vulnerable”.

It adds, “The sexual abuse perpetrated may be a one-time incident and may consist only of fondling. Penetration is unlikely with young children. Perpetrators’ age ranges from teens to midlife. Most victims are girls, and the perpetrator usually is a relative, friend, or neighbor. The home of the victim is often the setting for the incident. When boys are victims, sexual abuse may take place outside the home, and perpetrators may be strangers. Perpetrators of sexual abuse of children often claim that they themselves were victims of childhood sexual abuse. Psychological profiles are helpful but are compromised partly because many perpetrators are prisoners and control groups are lacking for this research”.

Dr. Manu Tiwari Psychiatrist at Fortis Escorts Heart Institute & Research Centre, Noida says, “There are three factors behind such sexual deviance. First is personality issues, second is psychiatric illness and third is the previous history. Psychiatric illness is the most common factor behind such sexual disorder. A pedophile is usually people who are not able to sustain normal adult sexual life so they are attracted to the vulnerable groups. They are also aroused by the alternative ways of sex which are not normal. It is sometimes done under the influence of some substance and sometimes these people have what we call anti-social personality disorder which is not limited to sexual activities. Their treatment is usually done under court guidance and in custody and there are major chances of relapse as they don’t follow up. Usually, they are habitual and not opportunistic offenders”.

To conclude it should be stated that sins like these, hollow are country and instill fear in the hearts of people. Not all men are a rapist but instances like these rape with their eyes, laws, and codes. Parents should teach to love and raise their children as a responsible citizen or the time won’t be far when only fear rules the hearts!

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