Is the Youth in India Consciously Running Away from Politics?

Our youth hold the key to the future of the country. They can make it glorious or leave it open for scavengers. As long as our youth keep away from Indian politics, we cannot hope for better times. 

With the upcoming general elections, we are being bombarded with political news and agendas on the television and other means. While it can be interesting for some, it can be quite overwhelming for those who have little or no interest in politics. The majority of Indian population is below the age of 35 years ( ). This means that the perception of politics among this population potentially impacts the way the country goes in the future. What does average the Indian youth think about politics? Let’s find out.

The Perils of Uncertainty

Nobody can deny the fact that politics is rather unpredictable and uncertain. This is true for every country, and more so for our own. Youth are attracted to ‘safe’ and ‘steady’ job options that will offer security to their family. Politics is rather the opposite. Even if some political parties pay their correspondents, this payment is neither regular nor guaranteed. Also, there are no fixed rules in the game of politics. Many people are not as daring as other to play along the line and modify their plans and actions according to the tide.

On top of all this, no parent wants their children to take up politics as a career. How many parents, in your knowledge, encourage their children to grow up to be a politician in India? While this may be a grim fact, it is backed by solid reasons. Parents would rather see their child entering a respectable profession that fetches a suitable amount at the end of the month.

The Smears and Taints that Come with Politics

Haven’t we been hearing about politicians involved in crimes like rapes, murders, extortion, and corruption, a little too often? This only fuels the aversion of the youth from politics and makes them look for alternatives that earn them respect. Indian youth are educated and sensible enough to steer clear of a field that is murky and shady. Aren’t the parents correct if they advise their children against entering into politics? What do you opine?

Money Rules Above All Else

This is no secret, is it? Politics is becoming a haven for the rich and the powerful. Sadly, it has become a field where your promotion matters more than your work and ethics. Look at the net worth of the country’s major politicians and their kin. Barring a few exceptions, you will find that the wealth of most people has no end. Talking about the Indian economy, this imbalance shows up glaringly. Politics has become an arena where the wealthy play and the others obey.

Family Legacy Prevails

It is not necessary that the children of a scientist become scientists, or those of an electrician become electricians. However, we can find families where politics has been the major occupation since generations. The deeds and reputation of the grandparents, and then, the parents become the guiding light for the present generation to carry the legacy forward. It is as if people just assume that the person will join politics and vehemently support the decision. If he/ she has a family history of being politically active, there is no other career to think of. Right?

The verdict

In India, children are raised with the notion that the harder they work, the better their future will be. Sadly, there are not many real-life examples to validate this notion. In the middle of corruption, harassment, reservations, and biases, very few talented people can make it to their rightful place in the system. Even then, they are not given a free hand to bring about the necessary changes.

It is no surprise that Indian youth are averse to politics and don’t want to be part of this dirty game. Their reasons are justified too. We all agree that there is a pressing need to cleanse the country of traitors and corrupt politicians. But who will do that? Isn’t the youth of the country responsible to bring a positive change? Whom can we look up to?

Our youth hold the key to the future of the country. They can make it glorious or leave it open for scavengers. As long as our youth keep away from Indian politics, we cannot hope for better times. Evading the situation might seem to be a convenient way out, but it won’t help in the long run.

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